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Examples of LMSs

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So far, there have been a huge number of LMSs, majorly mainstreamed into free/open-source and commercial provision. Recent years have observed a growing market demand for LMSs, especially for such open-source products such as Moodle and Sakai (Ellis, 2009). Other popular LSM providers, marked by Ellis (2009), are as below:


     Popular LMS providers (Ellis, 2009, p. 7)

As reported in Green’s (2011), 
Blackboard is the leading provider with 51% market share, followed by Moodle (19%) and Desire2Learn (11%) as largest LMS suppliers. A summary of recent LMS market is depicted in the following graph: 

     LMS market (Hill, 2011)


More lists of LMS platforms can be retrieved from WikipediaMcIntosh (2012)and Pappas (2012).


In this portfolio, the following two examples of LMSs will be further discussed:






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